“I just wanted to say thank you for your time and all the valuable information. I really enjoyed the sales training and am grateful to meet such powerful women in the any industry, you truly are an inspiration!! Thank you for your time!!”

– Christina, Practice Manager, Lduna Medical Spa, Las Vegas

“We are so excited to partner with Terri Ross. Having watched her over the years, there is no one with more expertise in sales training than Terri. She brings an incredible amount of depth and credibility to her teaching, and we’ve all learned so much from her by listening to her talks. There is no one in aesthetics—from the beginning entrepreneur to the most seasoned plastic surgeon—who won’t benefit from working with Terri Ross. We couldn’t be more excited to have her as part of the AmSpa team!

She is a true professional whose knowledge of sales is unsurpassed in the industry. I learn something every time I hear her speak, and I couldn’t be more excited that she’s available to all AmSpa members.

Business and sales training in aesthetics is vital and, unfortunately, very hard to come by. No one has more talent and experience in selling aesthetics than Terri Ross. If you can send your whole team to one of her seminars, do it! You won’t regret it.”

-Alex Thiersch, JD, AmSpa CEO

“I have known Terri for eight years in different capacities. Initially, I met Terri when she was a regional manager working with Medicis. From the get go it was clear that Terri was focused, intelligent and willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve her objectives. In 2012 my partners and I hired Terri to consult for our Aesthetic Laser Center. Terri analyzed our entire business from the ground up and made bold recommendations that resulted in a great turn around for that business. We were so impressed with Terri that we hired her to work for us full time in the capacity of Director of Operations. Since taking the helm, our business has grown over 115% and become much more streamlined. Terri has been given the power to make virtually all of the business decisions including those regarding employees, capital investments, lease improvements and marketing strategies. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it has been to have such a committed, driven, loyal and versatile person working for us! Terri has gained my respect and trust and continued to deliver with well thought out analysis and plans for improving our ever-changing business landscape. She simply cannot help herself but to give 100% and when she doesn’t have an answer to something herself, Terri will aggressively seek it out from her extensive network of resources. Whatever “hat” is given to Terri she can wear it well.

“As part owner of a business that was performing well below its capabilities for 4 years I can unequivocally state that Terri alone is responsible for our 180 degree turn around and tremendous growth. We currently are expanding and still significant month over moth increases in gross revenues and efficiencies.

“Additionally, Terri is always personable and engaging, professional, punctual and generally good fun to work with.”

-Andrew S. Frankel, MD, FACS

“I have had the pleasure of working with Terri Ross over the last several years. She started working with our group as a consultant which led to us hiring her full time. She has been nothing short of amazing during that time. She has a great work ethic, excellent communication skills, and the ability to identify a problem and come up with feasible solutions. She has been the driving force in turning around our business and making it successful. Its a rarity to find someone like Terri who actually does what they promise!”

-Mark G Rubin MD

“If I could have one wish as a business owner, it would be that all of my staff and employees were more like Teri Ross. Her drive, motivation, and knowledge of marketing and sales in a health care/ beauty related business is unsurpassed! When we hired Ms. Ross my partners and I had an aesthetic laser center that was floundering. Under her management, she not only rescued the business but increased profits and growth by 112% within only 12 months.

“I recommend her without reservation and I am confident that she will succeed and any task you may have.”

-Leslie Howard Stevens, MD FACS – The Lasky Clinic

“As a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with an evolving practice, it is imperative for me to base my day-to-day operations on a solid structure that promotes efficient workflow and will not only maintain but also increase prosperity. This requires an intricate combination of expertise and private practice consulting experience that I would entrust to only the most capable and detail-oriented individual. I was introduced to Terri Ross a number of years ago, and did not hesitate to bring her on board as a catalyst in an effort to improve the order within my practice. She has since turned things around in a capacity that I did not previously believe was possible, and continues to make my business operations flourish. Terri’s ideas are unparalleled. Her visions have provided direction to my employees and have allowed them to make the best use of their unique skill sets. This has highlighted the employees’ inner strengths and encouraged the most effective contributions possible through their role in the practice. Terri is an innovator and visionary who has the innate ability to create order in every situation she has been presented with. She has played a pivotal role in the success of my practice. Working with her over the years has been motivating and inspirational, and I look forward to continuing to have her as a part of my team.”

-Paul S. Nassif, MD, FACS

“The consulting Terri Ross provides resulted in building things I could’ve never imagined possible for a start up.

When I first met Terri, I knew very little about managing a Medical Aesthetics Practice as I came from a marketing background. But I, like many of the practices she works with had a passion for this industry and saw the potential of what the business could do but didn’t know how but was eager to manifest it. My first impression of Terri, was that she knows her stuff!…REALLY knows her stuff. You feel a sense of relief and confidence in her leadership, and guidance to create a successful business model.

I am so honored, to have worked with Terri for 5 years in transforming Lasky Aesthetics. When we both started in 2014, it was a small company, with 2 employees and within just a few months drastic changes were made. We hired and trained more staff, developed a business plan with goals, and within 1 year we expanded and doubled our space. We developed a mission and vision and set a high bar for what our patients could expect from us which increased patient retention and referrals due to the protocols implemented by Terri.

What I observed while working with Terri, was the respect she received from doctors, other business owners, and aesthetic reps throughout the industry. She has a work ethic like no other. I have witnessed her completely transform practices, where staff is proud to be a part of something great and patients feel the high level of integrity the practice has for their care.

I am proud of what we built together at Lasky Aesthetics, and every success that is to come. Most of all, I am so proud to call this amazing, beautiful, intelligent woman a friend. She was also a mentor to me during this process and she challenged and expanded my own thinking and I have grown because of her professionally. I received way more than what I expected from her and I am forever grateful.”

– Erica Dugas Previous Practice Manager, Lasky Aesthetics

“I met Terri when she was a key note speaker at a medical spa conference last year. She really impressed me with her track record of turning struggling medical spas into a thriving force in the market. She is extremely relatable, knowledgeable, and justifiably confident while being straight forward in her approach.  I’d hire her in a heartbeat if she wasn’t on the other coast!”

  – Karli Plunkett, PA-C, MMS, LME

Luckily I met Terri Ross at an AmSpa NEXT Level workshop two years after opening a Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics practice in a small Midwest town.  She quickly identified our areas of strength and suggested areas for growth. I was reluctant to take her suggestions, yet she planted a seed for opportunity.  After contemplating her suggestions for several months, I contacted Terri for a consultation and action plan. With a plan in place, we’ve enjoyed consistent record growth in 2018 to a degree I hadn’t imagined.  Terri was able precisely identify an opportunity for growth and we took it! She’s my resource and sounding board, and I consider her a friend.

  – Glori Traeder APRN


Dear Terri,
Attending the AmSpa conference this weekend February 9-11, 2018 in Las Vegas was quite an remarkable educational experience for me. All the faculty who presented their expertise in Aesthetics and Med Spas came with a wealth of knowledge that they shared with the attendees, however, I think you were one of the most remarkable of all the faculty. I enjoyed your presentation related to the Art of Sales & Consultations, Protocols to Increase Revenue, and the Top New treatments for your Medspa. I admired the way of your delivery of the subject in a most concise & organized fashion that were easily understood & followed. Above all that, your charm & passion in your expertise of the topic were contagious! I also enjoyed your participation as a panel contributor where you excelled in your ideas. I have been in the aesthetic business for 15 years and feel quite successful in what I do, however, I still learned so much from your style as to being down-to-earth in the way you approach the business. I sure would love to learn more from you and look forward to many other times when you’re a speaker or presenter in other organizations. I highly recommend you to others in the field or even any fashion & beauty advice. Terri, you are soooo awesome.

-Sue Alfonso, RN, MSN

“I am the business manager for a multi-specialty medical and surgical practice in conjunction with an associated ambulatory surgical center located in Beverly Hills’, CA. In 2012, there was an immediate need for a comprehensive marketing and internal restructuring process. At that time, one of the principals introduced the practice to Ms. Terri Ross with the intention of engaging her to formulate a timeline to accomplish the growth of the practices. In saying that she was the proper choice would be an understatement as her experience lends her to a level of expertise far superior to any in this industry. She created protocols and procedures for every area of the office from the front to the back. She developed a marketing plan with an implementation timeline inclusive of profitability and specific employee responsibilities and goals. She directed staff trainings as well as coordinated an employee motivational forum. In addition to Terri’s stellar business acumen she is a dynamic astute intuitive woman who brings a firm but kind resolve to each situation she is involved in and every challenge she faces. She is a straight shooter on every level and her integrity is unwavering. She is a vital addition to any practice in any capacity. It has been not only my pleasure but also my honor to meet her and to continue to work with her over the past three years.”

-Jodi Robin, Business Manager Spalding Drive Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

“I love working with Terri! She has been decisive, quick, and efficient with all the projects we’ve worked on together. She’s extremely sociable and charismatic, and is fully capable of accomplishing anything she sets her mind to. Anyone would be lucky to have Terri Ross on their team.”

-Brittan Cohen, Founder at Le Fox Design

“I loved working with Terri on a medical spa project in Beverly Hills. She’s infinitely driven, superbly professional and laser-focused in everything she does.”

-Anton Pereiaslavtsev, SEO at Zebra Content Marketing

“Thank you Terri for your guidance as we work on growing our business!!  Your vast experience in the industry makes you an incredible resource and we are so thankful for your tried-and-true recommendations.  I would encourage any one looking to grow or improve their medical spa business to contact Terri Ross, Practice Management Consultant.  She is absolutely AMAZING!!”

-Shelley Otoupalik APRN, Nurse Practitioner, RejuveCare Clinic

“Working with Terri Ross has improved our business, Ageless Medical, exponentially. Terri has guided us with our processes, which has led to better efficiency in the office. Because of this, our business has improved financially. Terri’s business mindset, her wealth of knowledge, and her strategic insight are so valuable. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. We at Ageless Medical are so thankful to be working with Terri Ross!”

-Erin Owoc, ARNPC – Ageless Medical, Florida

“Found all your talks invaluable!!! Can’t wait for next year and hope they give you more than 20 min. Hugs!”

-Tei Habenicht, Neurosurgical / Physician Assistant

“I must say that I admire your level of expertise in the med-spa industry and it’s amazing what you do.

“I really want to learn from you and grow my medspa into a multi million dollar empire….LOL. Seriously, I saw you at the show and I was blown away by your experience and wealth of knowledge.”

-Abby Bakare, Flawless Skin by Abby Medspa