The difference between a “great” MedSpa team and a “good” MedSpa team, the difference between a great client journey and a good client journey, the difference between a less-than 7+ figure aesthetic practice and less than, starts with the initial contact, in person, online, or by phone. We can help you turn contacts into patients – it is all part of our custom MedSpa sales training program.

What is MedSpa sales training? 

At Terri Ross Consulting, our MedSpa sales training program focuses on enhancing your team’s current and natural skills, helping them understand that each step of the customer experience is a unique opportunity to ensure every patient receives platinum-level care and experiences memorable, positive customer service and results. For example, MedSpa sales training can help your team elevate their communication, sales, customer service, and follow-up skills.

How can MedSpa sales training help?

MedSpa sales training from Terri Ross Consulting, can help convert your goals of, “I would like our MedSpa to reach X in profits” to “Our MedSpa reached X in profits because from the patient’s first phone call to the moment our patient walked out our door, our team was in sync with their needs and supported the patient’s journey.” Some additional ways our MedSpa Sales training can help your practice include:

  • Convert more patients into paying procedures
  • Generate loyalty and ongoing revenue
  • Attract more patients

What is the best MedSpa sales training program?

Just as you offer your patients an array of services, at Terri Ross Consulting, we have a customized approach to sales training. Similarly, just as you start any new patient appointments with a consultation, so do MedSpa sales trainers. These conversations can help you and the MedSpa sales trainers determine the training programs that will best help you achieve your goals for your practice. Terri Ross says she asks her clients questions like, “What are the steps of your patient journey? Where would you currently like to see growth in your practice; where is it stuck? What are your future goals for your practice?” These questions help her determine which of her programs best meet their revenue and practice goals. 

What kinds of MedSpa sales training are there?

Many MedSpa sales trainers offer different types of programs, including on-site, online, and seminar. These programs can range in number of days, time commitment, and other core components. For MedSpas interested in digital training, for example, Terri Ross Consulting offers a 5-module online training; for in-person sessions, they offer a 1.5 day on-site plastic surgery sales training or a one-day conference. Each of our three programs offer Terri Ross’ LAER (Listen, Acknowledge, Explore, Respond) Model; Terri’s Practice Foundational Elements (PFE™ System), proven to increase revenue upwards of $500,000; and our road-map to your 7-figure business; as well as other overlapping components, yet offer different time requirements.

Why choose Terri Ross Consulting for MedSpa Sales Training?

Terri Ross is recognized a leader in the aesthetics field, where she has won numerous awards. She has experience as a sales director managing over $20M in revenue and she is internationally renowned as a practice management consultant, helping MedSpa practices reach their goals. 

With over 20 years of experience helping practices achieve 7+ figures and increase their revenues by 600%, Terri Ross is in-demand as a MedSpa consultant, speaker, and trainer. Her dedication to enhancing the patient journey and her devotion to helping practices achieve their goals will help you reach your goals. Your patients will feel as if they had the best experience of their lives and keep coming back to you for more. Call Terri today to start the conversation about how your team can join hers for MedSpa Sales training.