If someone offered you seven figures in money, would you accept it? What if they offered to give you 600% of the monetary value in your wallet? Would you take that deal? Award-winning sales trainer and expert Terri Ross says a powerful sales training program is the answer to your bottom line.

What is sales training?

Sales training, simply put, is an opportunity to give your team the tools they need to deliver ultimate customer service to your patients at each and every visit. Sales training can lead your practice to increased patient loyalty, convert leads to appointments, see your practice scale, and watch revenue explode. As Terri Ross puts it, “Having a well-trained, knowledgeable, and professional team is the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great.’”

What can sales training do for a medical or plastic surgery practice?

A sales training program can help your team focus on improving customer service along each step of the patient journey; this will have a positive impact on improving your practice’s growth and revenue. For example, one of the most overlooked scale opportunities for medical and plastic surgery practices can be found even before your patient’s first phone call: lead conversions. 

Terri Ross Consulting’s sales training focuses not only on the actual lead conversions, but the telephone conversation itself. Her team helps your staff improve their phone communication skills to represent your practice in the best way possible to get results. Some other ways a good sales training program can help you scale and grow your practice’s patient base and revenue include:

  • Teaching your team how to convert more patients to buy additional services and treatments
  • Helping your team more effectively interact with your patients and co-workers
  • Equipping your team with the ultimate customer service to build a culture of patient loyalty and a five-star work environment for your team
  • Converting lead queries into in-office patient

What is involved in sales training?

Before you begin your appointments with a new patient, you offer a consultation. With our consulting program, our consultation with you is crucial.  This allows us to understand the goals that you have for your practice and gives you and allows us the ability to align the program so it will help you achieve your goals. 

Some of the questions your sales trainer may ask you during this consultation include, “In what areas is your practice not growing as much as it could? Where do you see your practice in the future; what are your long-term goals for your practice? Tell me about your patient journey.” Terri Ross says knowing the answers to these questions will help us tailor a sales training program to your unique practice needs.

What kind of sales training programs are there?

Your practice’s unique goals and needs will determine the best sales training program for you. There are several options: in-office (onsite), online (digital courses, webinars), and/or event-based (conferences, seminars). Terri Ross Consulting offers a multi-module online training course, a 1.5 day in-office training, and a one-day training seminar. They each offer her trademarked Practice Foundational Elements (PFE™ System), her LAER (Listen, Acknowledge, Explore, Respond) Model, her road-map to your 7-figure business, and many other components, each designed to foster your practice’s ultimate goals. 

Why choose Terri Ross Consulting for Sales Training?

Terri Ross has over 20 years of experience in the sales training, management consulting, and aesthetics industry. She is internationally renowned for her practice management skills, consistently helping them improve their revenues by 600% and achieve 7+ figures in revenue. Terri Ross is in-demand as a sales trainer, speaker, and consultant. Her devotion to improving the patient journey will help you achieve your goals. Call Terri today about achieving even more success with sales training and Terri Ross Consulting.